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Nicholas Levenstein has been a classical musician,  IT and Strategy Consultant and financier. Nicholas has a BA (cum laude) from Yale University and an MBA from University of California, Los Angeles. Recently Nicholas has been bitten by the bitcoin bug and has been writing on cryptocurrency, see and working on his own startup, crytptobank. 

Nicholas has worked in consulting and finance. See

Liraz Siri developed the software and ran operations for the Internet Auditing Project that scanned the entire Internet for security vulnerabilities in 1998. He cofounded an Israeli information warfare unit in 2000, developed the first offensive security training program in 2004, cofounded Sterile Security in 2005 to commercialize military computer security architectures (link to patent) , and cofounded TurnKey Linux in 2008 to bake security into a library of preintegrated server images that just work out of the box. 


Liraz was an early Bitcoin supporter, investor, philanthropist and blockchain evangelist. When he isn't specialising in professional paranoia, his main area of interest is trying to figure out the best way to apply new technology to solve real-world problems. 

For more information on Liraz see 


Steffen Frost - will teach the "Blockchain Basics" part.  Steffen has a BS inElectrical and Electronic Engineering from Cal State,  Chico.  He has a history in hardware design and programming.  He is active in bitcoin mining and has followed the cryptocurrency space since 2013.  See

Aneep Tandel will teach the portion about effecting trades and financial transactions on a high level understandable to executives as well as technical people. Mr. Tandel has worked with Mr. Levenstein on a Bitcoin API program and in the past has worked for Air India in training as well as for Enercon India, Ltd. and as a contract programmer.  Aneep studied B.Tech Aerospace Engineering at IIAEIT Pune