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Who am I?

Greetings! I’m Nick. I’m a finance guy involved in a bitcoin exchange, but like most other online entrepreneurs I also have a side project. It’s called Operative Apparel and we make bags for people on the move. They’ve got pockets, straps and character. Think bags for the people who need to cart their laptop, headphones, gym clothes, overnight gear, spare shoes and self-help/business books/kindle around all day.

You can check the bags out here:

Unfortunately, what we don’t have a lot of at the moment is sales.

I started the company 6 months ago by designing and manufacturing 100 bags in China. I made a few initial sales, and know the product and website has far more potential, but just don’t have the time for it right now. I’m looking for someone to take over its day-to-day operatives… I mean, operations… and give it the TLC it needs. These tasks would include sales, web advertising, social media, ecommerce and crunching numbers.

So, who are you?

Ideally you want to start your own business in fashion or ecommerce and need a little head start. You’re organised, tech savvy, keen to learn and have anywhere between 10-30 hours free to make some extra cash – we can negotiate this dependent on the time and skills you have to offer. Alternatively, you might be after a negotiated stake in a company that already has some traction – we can negotiate this too.

Look at me more as a financial backer and (for the most part) silent partner. I have ideas about how to turn Operative Apparel into an entire empire – and am open to sharing them – however, for now, I just need someone to run it and focus on it.  If this sounds like you (or your friend) contact me via the following:

WA_ +1 415 378 1302

Look forward to hearing from you,
Nick Levenstein