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Course Curriculum

I.                    Blockchain Basics and Introduction to Crypto Currencies ("Crypto").  9 am to 10 am, 10:00 to 10:30 am Q & A:  We will start with an interactive game to show how blockchain started on, believe it or not, the Micronesian Yap Island.  Then an expert will explain blockchain, hashing, cryptography, different kinds of Crypto and security on a public distributed ledger.  He will also discuss current bitcoin alternatives Litecoin, Ethereum and Dash as well as others.  

II.                  What you can do today!  11 am to 12, Q&A:  Create two financial products; certificate of deposit (“CD”) and an income hedge fund that would have yielded 30% in the last year.  Both would be guaranteed to not lose money against the US Dollar.[i]  The author, Nicholas Levenstein, will go over a transaction he completed on a Hong Kong Derivatives Exchange, in Bitcoin, in which he can offer, at a profit, CD to retail customers at a higher rate than that published by any US bank.  For the transnational experiment, please see an article I wrote in which it is described:   

III.               Basic Security Issues.  One hack of your site or bitcoin can undo all the other good work.  Even highly-trafficked exchanges with presumably large security budgets like Polonix and Bitfinex have had their customers bitcoin stolen.  We go over some security basics that help to guide you toward  security.  

IV.                How do you actually effect the financial trades? 3 to 4pm: A programmer will go over the technical aspects of coding to an exchange API to utilize the financial instruments available, in this case in the article.    Here we will show ways to make the technically possible a reality for professionals who are not programmers and need to set directions.


[i] Of course with any financial product there are risks involved; in this case theft, failing to execute properly and other unforeseen events. However, the securities with which I will deal assure that the product cannot lose money against the US Dollar.