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Course Benefits!

Here are 3 ways that anybody would benefit from this class:

1.    Wealth Transfer and Storage - Banks charge 1.9 Trillion on a worldwide yearly basis.(i)  It is highly unlikely that you have not had to transfer money to somebody and paid fees to credit card processor or bank.  It seems so basic, but a conceptually simple problem like the transfer or wealth gets complicated with foreign currency revenue, expenses and other matters.  We can address these issues in the class.

2.   Data storage!  What could be more universal? If you don't live on an island with one other person and trade in coconuts, you probably have some data to store.  As an example let us explore your shaving 1/2 of your cost off and becoming more secure at the same time.  Amazon and Microsoft are truly, because of AWS and Dropbox.  However, a better and more secure way exists now.

3.  Individualized Q&A on the matters of importance.  Any industry with a heavy intermediary cost will be effected by blockchain, even in areas where you woudl never supspect it; advertising for example.  We will talk to you about your challenges and opportunities. 


[i] McKinsey & Company, 2015. “Global Payments 2015: A Healthy Industry Confronts Disruption.”